With years (and we mean years) of teaching and playing experience, groovy-rascal has gained the knowledge of how to specifically match music with individuals or ensembles. In an ideal world every player would be a master of their instrument and bring their love of music to each rehearsal or lesson.

It. Doesn’t. Work. Like. That.

Players need their enthusiasm caught, then nurtured. They need to feel like they are creating and growing. Choosing the right music is crucial to this process. Challenge your players to work…and listen…and express, but let them fly.




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Groovy-rascal’s pieces introduce jazz, funk, latin, rock along with many other styles. There are melodies in abundance and rich harmonies to support.

The ensemble pieces are straightforward to put together, allowing a teacher/director to focus on their musicians’ experience. Audiences have delighted in these innovative and effective pieces for years – now they are available for you too.

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